welcome back.. i guess

I’ve owned this domain for many years at this point. And for a lot of them I had an actual blog here. I wrote about, and posted pictures of things that matter to me. DIY’s, cooking, my pets, personal finace, fitness, hiking. My life, basically. I hadn’t posted anything in a looong time, but I loved having it here, looking back on all of it now and then, dreaming of getting into it again. Until something happened sometime in 2022. And suddenly it was all gone. Years and years of memories, all gone. Apparently all my fault, for not updating the software or something like that in a very long time, but whatever. I tried fixing it, but I couldn’t figure it out at the time. Today I wanted to give it a go again, and here we are.

My old blog was in norwegian, I’m having a go at doing it in english this time. Maybe I’ll get three more followers this way. But that’s not all that have changed. I bought a house. A 70 year old house. With my boyfriend. ‘Cause I have one of those now. Yeah, that’s kinda weird. And we got a dog. Because when you have 23 pets and your boyfriend leaves the one he has with his dad when you move in together to make it easier on your cat, and he says he wants a dog, you get a dog. She was not happy about that. My cat. I think she would have liked his cat better. But we can’t really return him now, can we?
Can we..?

Nah. ‘Cause he is, off course, as one would suspect, the goodest boi.

Øksfrid, my cat, has taken a long time to accept him. But even she has been seen bumping her forhead into him, on rare occation, when she thinks no one is looking. Not yet caught on camera. But I think we’ll be alright in the end.

I don’t really know where I’m going with all of this. I just wanted to put something on here for now. And hopefully this blog will, with time, be filled with pictures of me painting every room is this big old house. Building my greenhouse, getting chickens, renovating everything, sewing clothes, cooking, growing veggies. All the DIYs.

I’m back.
I think.

Let’s be honest.
Probably not.

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